School Charters


School Charter Fees = See Chart Below

School Charters

The Intercontinental Martial Arts Union's School Charter is considered by our membership to be one of the very best in the industry.

We offer our chartered schools support, recognition and validation, while not getting into politics or dictating how a school operates.  As long as the programming and safety of its students are properly addressed, the IMAU guarantees that all chartered schools teach their systems, their own way.

With an IMAU School Charter, the school not only receives an Internationally Recognized School Charter Certificate, but as a bonus the Head Instructor receives; Black Belt Rank Recognition, Instructor Certification, Instructor Titling, and access to exclusive school deals.

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 1.  You must be a member of the IMAU.
 2.  You must agree to follow the rules and bylaws of the IMAU.
 3.  You must actually be teaching a martial arts program.
 4.  You must register five (5) students with the IMAU.

5.  All Instructors at the school must be IMAU Certified

If you run multiple schools you only need (1) Charter,

as long as it is ran by the same Head Instructor.

You are responsible for renewing your school charter.

The IMAU will never auto-renew the charter fees.


  -  3 Years Charter = $150.00 (USD)
  -  5 Years Charter = $200.00 (USD)


  -  IMAU School Charter Certificate 11" x 17"

-  FREE Black Belt Recognition Certificate   ($75.00 Value)
- FREE Instructor Certification                     ($50.00 Value)
  -  FREE Instructor Titling Certification           ($35.00 Value)

(All certificates are individually numbered and recorded by the IMAU)