Joining The IMAU



Thank you for your interest in joining the Intercontinental Martial Arts Union.  To apply for IMAU membership, you should first read the requirements for the various services and select what is appropriate for your needs.  If you have any questions contact the director for your State, Region or the Intercontinental Director for your country, if unavailable use our contact page to talk to the World Director.

Membership and Service fees should be remitted in US Dollars

and made payable to:

Intercontinental Martial Arts Union

619 Lawrence Drive

Otsego, Michigan 49078

United States of America



Memberships & Services



Membership Fee = $100 (+ $10 Annually Dues)

As martial artists, we know that self-defense techniques are ever changing, and if you wish to be the best you need to adapt your knowledge, training and teaching.

By becoming a member of the IMAU you will have access to a network of martial artists who want to see you grow, and the support from an organization that has an unwavering commitment to its members.


-  Full Color 8.5" x 11" IMAU Membership Certificate
-  Full Color IMAU Membership Patch
-  Listing on International Database
-  Access to a network of highly skilled martial artists -  Availability for rank testing and promotion -  10% discount on most IMAU services

(Certificates available in 11" x 17" for an added $10 per certificate)

{All certificates are individually numbered and recorded by the IMAU}



After initially becoming a member through the  Intercontinental Martial Arts Union, we only ask for an annual $10 Active Member Fee.

These fees are due by January 8th of each calendar year and help to maintain our organizational costs, functions, and web present.

For your support active members save an additional 5% off all IMAU services and are given further discounts at IMAU events.

We will never automatically renew your membership.