IMAU Code of Conduct & By-Laws

The following Rules and Regulations as presented by the IMAU

Are for and must be followed by ALL members at ALL times

  • Persons petitioning for IMAU membership agree to participate in the IMAU verification process for new members which will entail a review/verification by the IMAU Membership Panel and final approval by the Executive Team.


  • No person petitioning for membership in the IMAU shall have any felony or misdemeanor convictions, pending or active, within the preceding/past eighteen (18) months to the date of their membership application.

  • IMAU members agree that all materials, logos, and artwork are the copyrighted property of the IMAU and, as such, are not to be replicated, reproduced, or used without the expressed written consent of the IMAU World Director.

  • No person petitioning for membership shall be admitted, if they have ever been convicted of the following crimes: robbery murder/manslaughter, rape/sexual assault, felonious assault, kidnapping, extortion/fraud, or any CSC resulting in an SoR.