Certification Of Rank


Certification Of Rank Fees = Color Belt Ranking $75 Black Belt Ranking - See Chart Below

With people hectic personal lives, work schedules and not having the time to join a "traditional" dojo, it is no surprise that in recent years there's more and more people taking advantage of  videos/dvds/home-study courses that teach willing & busy participants the specialized skills of the martial arts.

There have also been situations where a members teacher has passed or they have had to move away from their instructor and might not be able to find another martial arts academy that teaches the particular style they were practicing and they do not want to have to start over again.

If you are one of these people the IMAU is here for you.

The Intercontinental Martial Arts Union has grand-masters, masters, and instructors from a variety of martial arts systems around the world who are willing to perform testing and rank evaluations for our members who have learned the necessary skills through their home of distance study programs.


When applying for a certification of rank within the IMAU , it is important for our new and perspective members to  understand the difference between an IMAU "Certification" of Rank and "Recognition" of  Rank.

A “Certification of Rank" is only awarded to a perspective applicant who submits themselves for evaluation by an IMAU Black Belt Review Board . Upon their request of certification, the perspective applicant will supply the IMAU with name and origin of the system that they wish to be certified in, the rank in which they wish to be tested to and provide the board with copies of any previous certification issued in the aforementioned art.

The IMAU will then based upon the information provided, assemble a

Black Belt Reviewing Board.  This board will consist of no less than 3 review members who have ranking and authority to promote within  in the requested art or experience, ranking and authority within another art that is consistent and similar in design, base and origin.

The perspective applicant will then be notified of an evaluation date, where they will either in person, through video  teleconferencing or other digital means, physically perform all of the requirements requisite to the rank.

Only after successfully completing the examination will the

Intercontinental Martial Arts Union promote, advance and issue the perspective applicant with our “Certification of Rank” documentation. 


 1.  You must be a member of the IMAU
 2.  You must agree to follow the Rules and Bylaws of the IMAU
 3.  You must send the name & origin of the art in which you wish to promote

4.  You must send in any certificates or proof of current ranking the art.
 5.  You must submit yourself for physical examination to perform all material as required.



  -  Black Belt Levels        Minimum Age            Testing Fee
  -  01st  Degree                         16                    $350.00 (USD)
  -  02nd Degree                         18                    $350.00 (USD)
  -  03rd  Degree                         20                    $350.00 (USD)
  -  04th  Degree                         25                    $450.00 (USD)
  -  05th  Degree                         30                    $450.00 (USD)
  -  06th  Degree                         35                    $450.00 (USD)
  -  07th  Degree                         35                    $500.00 (USD)
  -  08th  Degree                         40                    $500.00 (USD)
  -  09th  Degree                         45                    $500.00 (USD)
  -  10th  Degree                         50+                  $500.00 (USD)


  -  Color Belt Test  =  Rank Certificate - Full Color 8.5" x 11"
                        Matching Colored Rank Belt

  -  Black Belt Test =  Rank Certificate - Full Color 11" x 17"
                                     Matching Embroidered Black Belt

(All certificates are individually numbered and recorded by the IMAU)