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Intercontinental Martial Arts Union

Welcome To The Official Site Of The Intercontinental Martial Arts Union



We are a full service, non-political martial arts organization, faithfully serving the martial arts community since 2008. Our membership is comprised of some of the finest men and women in the world and we were built on the principle of serving our members with integrity and honor.

The IMAU represents and accredits Martial Artists, Instructors, Black Belts, School Owners of the highest quality and integrity. We offer memberships at a reasonable cost, and give members access to several services including; rank recognition & promotions, seminars, school charters, and fellowship where martial artists can communicate with one another and freely exchange thoughts and ideas.

Why Intercontinental Martial Arts Union?


The term "Intercontinental" is defined as - relating to travel, commerce, relations, etc, between continents.  This is what we strive for as an organization to do.  Which is to have productive, cooperative and positive relationships throughout the world.  Presently our membership reaches out through numerous countries and continents.  Each one with directors and members as unique as the cultures and customs found there.


The term "Martial Arts" was chosen to be all inclusive, so as not to show preference or partiality to any one style or system.  The arts in and of themselves are as unique as the practitioners that study them, and our membership is just as diverse.  We respect all of our members and all styles and systems both traditional and modern.


The term “Union” refers to a club, society, or group formed by people with a common interest or purpose. This describes us well, as we are not a Federation or an Association. We are a union of committed martial artists that help to support one another and to build a worldwide organization of respect, friendship and cooperation. The Intercontinental Martial Arts Union is made up of quality martial artists from all walks of life, all sharing in the vision of uniting as a martial arts family. It is through this unity that we can collectively benefit from the strength of affiliating with one another and continually learn and grow.

We Are Open To Everybody

The IMAU is open to all reputable Martial Artists regardless of system, style, gender, race, ethnic origins or previous & current affiliations. 

The IMAU is not a Certificate / Diploma Mill, and does try to make every effort to ensure that all of its members are quality martial artists.

Any persons applying for membership will only be accepted after consideration and approval by the Executive Team & the IMAU World Membership Panel. 

All members and prospective members of the Intercontinental Martial Arts Union must read and agree to follow the Rules and Regulations, as set forth by the IMAU Executive Team.