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The IMAU Home Page

Welcome to the official website for The Intercontinental Martial Arts Union (IMAU).

We are a full service non-political Martial Arts Organization, built on the principle of serving the Martial Artist. We offer memberships at a low cost, and give members access to several services including; rank recognition & promotions, seminars, school charters, and fellowship where martial artists can communicate with one another and freely exchange thoughts and ideas.

The IMAU is open to all reputable Martial Artists regardless of system, style, gender, race, ethnic origins or previous & current affiliations.

The IMAU is not a Certificate / Diploma Mill, and does try to make every effort to ensure that all of its members are quality martial artists.  This being said any person applying for membership will only be accepted after consideration and approval by the IMAU World Membership Panel.

Please read the below Rules and Bylaws, if you can agree to follow them, and wish to apply for IMAU membership, please click on the "Joining The IMAU" page for more specific information.


Kyu and Dan Rank Recognition with "NO POLITICS"
Access to a network of Martial Artists, Schools & Organizations
School Charters.
Training Seminars.
Instructor Certification
Instructor Title Certification (Sensei, Renshi, Shihan, Kyoshi,
Ryucho (System Founders) Council
Video (VHS/DVD) Testing Available
Membership Certification


The Rules and Bylaws presented by the IMAU are for and must be followed
 by ALL members at all times


To be a member of this organization you must abide by the rules and bylaws set forth by  the IMAU.
If any member breaks any rule or bylaw that member will be forthwith stripped of any rank membership or position and expelled from this organization. NO EXCEPTIONS!
All members of this organization will be placed on our website along with general contact information.  This is done for the betterment of all members and allows for the achievement of our main goal which is to communicate with one another, freely exchange thoughts and ideas and to bring all styles together.

A member must display the highest degree of honor and integrity at all times, as we as martial artist are held to a higher standard.

If you are not willing to share your ideas or martial arts experience.  You need not apply.


1. Members will not have any felony, assault or domestic violence record
2. Member must be able to provide certification or video validation with regards to their rank and training.
3. Members must not represent the IMAU at any time with regards to the press.  Without written permission from the World Director
4. Members must always represent themselves and their training truthfully.
5. In order for members to be granted a Sokeship with the IMAU, they must complete all requirements as outlined by the IMAU Sokeship Council.
6. Members must always conduct themselves with the utmost of discipline and self control
7. All materials and images on this site are copyrighted.  And are not to be reproduced in any way, shape or form, without the express written consent of the World Director.

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